About Us


What we do...

  • We deliver the kayaks to your home or your recreation area, within a 30-minute drive of Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • We pick them up when you are finished using them
  • Not in our delivery area, no problem. Contact us for special pricing.


About HKR

Harding Kayak Rentals, LLC (HKR) is a company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We are a family-run small business. We started HKR out of a desire to provide families with an inexpensive option for daily kayak and paddleboard rentals. What sets us apart is that we are able deliver the kayaks/paddleboards to you.  We have a total of 16 kayaks available for rent including  4 sit-on-top kayaks, 10 sit-in kayaks, and 2 tandem kayaks. Along with our kayaks we have 8 inflatable paddle boards available. Our kayaks are meant to be used on calm/flat water. (They are NOT intended for use in RAPIDS